Fee Schedule

Organizational Contests


  • $500 – MARCHING BANDS 

Fees Due With Contest Entries and MUST be “postmarked or in-the-hands-of the exec sec” 30-days prior to the first day of the contest!

If forms are received by the Region 2 UIL Music Office WITHOUT FEES, the superintendent of the respective school is to be contacted.

Late Entry Fee – $150/organization.  Superintendent of district submitting late entry may be notified.  If a contest schedule has already been prepared, the Late Fee may increase to $200 per organization.

Each organization director will receive a recording of their performance for C&SR performances.

Solo / Ensemble

  • Solos – $10
  • Ensemble – $10/member
  • No State Fee Required For Solo/Ensemble Contests

Any entry submitted after the 30-day entry deadline (up to the day of the contest) is considered a NEW ENTRY and subject to the LATE ENTRY schedule of fees.

“LATE SOLO/ENSEMBLE ENTRYS” may be submitted via the ONLINE entry process following the close of the 30-day deadline for the originial contest.

A “LATE ENTRY” contest will be setup on the list of contests for the respective divisions (band/orch/chor) and after submission of entries, click on REVIEW ENTRIES, then click on SHOW ENTRIES… and when the entries page appears, there will be a button appears that says “PRINT INVOICE”. Print the invoice for determination of fees due for late entries.

FEE for “late entry” will be $15.00 fee for each student soloist and $15 per ensemble member.

The FEES DUE for “new” or “late” entries must be paid PRIOR to scheduled performance. “NO PAY…..NO PLAY!”

Alternate Payment Methods

If your school business office is unable to prepare a check to be mailed “by the deadline”, MAKE A COPY of the Purchase Order (or Check Request) and E-MAIL IT with a copy of the Organization Fees INVOICE prior to midnight on the day of the deadline.

This provides “confirmation” that the check request was made in a timely fashion prior to the 30-day deadline and meets the UIL C&CR requirements that entries “must be postmarked” or “in-the-hands of the contest chairman” 30-days prior to the first day of the event.