Concert & Sightreading Entry Procedures

All online submission of entries must be done by the concert deadline.

What to Prepare via Online Procedure:

  1. Form 1 – List the entire “eligible” membership of the competing parent organization in alphabetical order. This form must be in the hands of the CONTEST CHAIRMAN prior to your students’ performance. It is not necessary to mail this form with your other forms and fees.  The FORM 1 can be prepared via the ONLINE procedure but the form would have to be printed out and mailed OR delivered the day of the event.
  2. Form 4 – One form for each organization entry.  Exec. Sec. will print all form 4s.  Choral directors must include “SIGHTREADING VOICING” information for each separate music selection so appropriate titles and quantities of SR Music can be supplied in the sightreading room.  A form 5 will be automatically created by the submission of the form 4.

What to Send

Please postmarked or hand delivered 30-days prior to the first day of the event.

  1. Organization Fees Invoice and School Check for Fees
  2. Request for Change of UIL Performance Time / Day
    This form must be mailed with above forms and fees to be considered.  The form is due by entry deadline (30-days prior to the first day of the contest).

Additional Information:

If your school business office is unable to prepare a check to be mailed “by the deadline”, MAKE A COPY of the Purchase Order (or Check Request) and E-MAIL IT with a copy of the Organization Fees invoice prior to midnight on the day of the deadline.


This provides “confirmation” that the check request was made in a timely fashion prior to the 30-day deadline and meets the UIL C&CR requirements that entries “must be postmarked” or “in-the-hands of the contest chairman” 30-days prior to the first day of the event.

PLEASE MEET THE “POSTMARK” DEADLINE EVEN IF IT MEANS YOU MAIL AN EMPTY ENVELOPE!   If at all possible, at least include the Organization Fees Invoice and a copy of the Purchase Order!

Choral Directors: Be sure to indicate number of members of each organization as that number is used to determine the number of copies of SR music to be ordered.