Contest Day Instructions

Contest Day Procedure

DIRECTORS must report to the CONTEST OFFICE on arrival at the contest site to CHECKIN & turn in FORM 1.

DIRECTORS are to “print their own forms”. If you need assistance in installing the barcode fonts on your computer, please contact the Reg 2 UIL Music Office for help.  (Print ALL individual critique/criticism sheets (Form 3, 6, 7 or 8).  Students from a school will not be able to perform until the director has “checked in” and turned in DNA sheets.

The DIRECTORS will handle all of their own forms at each respective solo/ensemble contest. The judges responsibility will be to “be at the room” and ready to “listen” and write constructive critique sheets and assign a rating. Only the contest officials and/or monitors will be allowed to pickup sheets from the judges and deliver them to the contest office for “posting of results”.

SPECIAL NOTE: Directors are not authorized to move students from one judge to another. Only the contest chair/host or other UIL official may move students. If a judge is “idle”, a judge may retrieve students for adjudication from a room that may be jammed up. An effort will be made to keep the contest moving.

All forms will be placed in a “school’s sack” after posting of results via the contest office use of “barcode scanner” to record assigned rating.

When a director is ready to check out, a copy of the “RESULTS” report will be printed out by the contest officials indicating ratings & TSSEC certified solos/ensembles and a medal count for distribution of awards to the directors.

Selection Changes

Selections entered for solo/ensemble contests may NOT be changed for ANY REASON after the official certification which will occur SEVEN days prior to the contest. (Refer to Amendment below!)

Exception: UIL C&CR page 153, Section 1108 (h) (3)
(3) Non-Conformance: Music selections listed on the entry form become program requirements for the solo/ensemble performance unless the executive secretary is officially notified of selection changes seven days prior to the first day of the contest. (Executive Secretary is UIL Official for all of Region 2 UIL Contests.)

Selection title changes should be made by email and the message should include pertinent information: school, identify the contest involved, student name, grade in school, PML# of the new selection, title and composer of the new selection


SCHEDULES for contests are prepared by the REGION Music Office and are posted on the region website.

SCHEDULING (block schedule): In an effort to try and eliminate “accompanist” problems at regional solo/ensemble contests, ALL of our contests will be scheduled by utilizing BLOCK SCHEDULING.

The TIME BLOCK MASTER SCHEDULE posted for each respective contest should be printed out for directors use.

A “TIME BLOCK” master is created indicating the blocks of time assigned to each respective school for the respective contest….. and the director then can arrange the students performance order in the order they choose to have their students perform. Monitors at the contest will have a copy of the “time block” schedule but the directors will be responsible for determining “order of performance”. The basic structure is based on 7 or 8 minute time blocks (60-66 units per judge).

Late Entry Procedure

Following the close of the 30-day entry deadline for a regular contest, a “Late Entry” Contest will be setup to allow the submission of entries for the respective divisions.

Example:  Regular Contest – NW Band S-E (Kalamazoo HS) – Contest Date: 1/31/2010 Deadline: 1/1/2010

Following the arrival of the deadline of the above contest, a Late Entry contest will be setup.  If you have need to submit a late entry and the “late entry” contest does not appear on the dropdown lists of the S&E contests, contact your exec secretary so that the contest can be setup.

Example: Late Entry – NW Band S-E [LATE ENTRY] (Kalamazoo HS) – Contest Date: 1/31/2010 Deadline: 1/31/2010

Following the submission of entries for either the Regular Contest OR the Late Entry Contest, directors should click on REVIEW ENTRIES link at the top of the page, choose the respective event that you’ve submitted entries for, then click on SHOW ENTRIES.  When the page appears that lists the entries there will also be a button that says PRINT INVOICE.

The INVOICE will be a complete detailed listing of all entries submitted for the respective event and the total FEES DUE  (without having to use our old Comp Form 1A).

Hopefully this will make your “request for check” for payment of fees much simpler.  A copy of the INVOICE should be presented to whomever writes your checks for fees due AND a copy should be mailed to the Region 2 UIL Music Office with fees attached.

FEES for LATE ENTRY:  $15 per soloist and per ensemble member

Amendment for “Late Fee” for solo/ensemble contests!

A director that needs to make a change in “title of selection” after the 7-day no change allowed rule may make the change by paying the “late fee” entry for the event.

A fee of $8.50 per student has been paid with original entry. The “fee for change” will be assessed at $6.50 per person (solo and each ensemble) which makes the fee identical to the original “late fee” of $15.

Amendment approved by Region 2 Music Executive Committee – July 11, 2013.