Marching Entry Procedure

FEES: $500 per organization (all bands)

All organizations will be able to video their performance from a designated area.

This fee includes all State and Region Fees. Do NOT add $10.00 State Fee.

State Law requires Safety Training for directors of marching band ANNUALLY!

A Form 2 (Marching Band Criticism Sheet) must be printed by the contest chair for each contestant.

What to send:

All Postmarked or in the hands of the exec sec 30-days prior to the first day of the contest.

  • Marching Entry Form 1 – Eligible Membership
  • Available at
  • Statement of Compliance (signed by director)
  • Announcer’s Script
    If there is a change in the script, an updated copy can be delivered to the Pressbox on the day of the event.
  • Statement of Intent
    If  not received with other forms by deadline, the band cannot be included in the “certification to area” process.
  • Organization Fees Invoice
    • Include check made payable to:
      • Region 2 UIL Music
      • 1708 Crockett Circle – Irving, TX 75038
    • If your school business office is unable to prepare a check to be e-mailed by the deadline, make a copy of the purchase order and e-mail it with a copy of this document prior to midnight on the day of the deadline.

Video cameras will not be permitted in the press box or judges’ area.

Any special needs/requests with regard to scheduling must be included “IN WRITING” with your e-mailed forms and fees.