Solo / Ensemble Entry Procedures

How to Prepare:

  1. Download Solo / Ensemble Checklist for Directors
  2. Login to and submit Solo/Ensemble Forms:
    • Form 6 (Solos / Small Ensembles)
    • Form 7 (Percussion Solos / Small Ensembles)
    • Form 8 (Medium Ensembles)
  3. After submitting, you will be able to download two forms: Review Entries Report and Invoice of Fees due.
  4. Print Review Entries Report and have your students sign it.
  5. Print 3 copies of Invoice of Fees Due, one for mailing, business office and a personal copy.
  6. Prepare Form 1.  List entire eligible membership of the competing parent organization in alphabetical order and have it signed by the principal.
  7. Mail the following items to Region 2 UIL
    1. Invoice of Fees Due
    2. Payment Check
    3. Review Entries Report (signed)
    4. Form 1 (signed)
    5. Special Needs / Requests Form
    6. Check list

Mailing Address:

Region 2 UIL Music
1708 Crockett Circle, Irving, TX 75038

Changes to Titles / Selections

Changes to titles of selections may be made up to 7-days prior to the event and the changes are made by the director via email through the Region 2 UIL Music Office.   If a title selection needs to be made after the 7-day deadline, an additonal fee of $6.50 will be due making the “title change fee” equal to the “late entry fee.

$12 regular fee plus $6.50 change fee.

Late Fee for Solo / Ensemble Contests:

The following information is for directors who are unable to send the signed Review Entries Report with a postmark 30-days prior to the concert with invoice and check for fees.

Any entry submitted after the 30-day entry deadline (up to the day of the contest) is considered a NEW ENTRY and subject to the LATE ENTRY schedule of fees

FEE for “late entry” will be $15 per soloist and $15 per ensemble member.  FEES DUE for “new” or “late” entries must be paid PRIOR to scheduled performance. “NO PAY…..NO PLAY!”